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Melbourne Indymedia

A collective of independent media groups and producers offering grassroots, non-corporate coverage of struggles, actions and celebrations.

Everyone is a witness. Everyone is a journalist.


The Paper

The Paper is a fortnightly independent newspaper dedicated to topical issues and current happenings. It aims to be a forum for critical thought, where content and presentation of ideas remain unaffected by corporate and governmental influence.

Australia has one of the most concentrated levels of media-ownership in the world, and this inevitably inhibits the diversity and presentation of issues that we receive. The Paper is a response to this routinely homogenous presentation of ideas, and is attempting to open a space for real diversity of opinion.

The Paper is being produced in Melbourne (Australia) by a group of people who have experience in alternative media projects. The success of The Paper will depend entirely on the level of support that it is given.

Cluster of websites dedicated to Mayday festivities


Melbourne MAYDAY 2001

Mass mobile blockades, street parties, music and performances will turn melbournes CBD into a giant festival for global justice -

tuesday 1 may 2001


Active Melbourne - monthly calendar

An on-line interactive forum for information and inspiration about social change in Melbourne.



The Mid-Atlantic Infoshop has lots of information of interest to anarchists, anti-authoritarians, and other activists. Put some anarchy into your life today and learn why anarchists are trying to create a more anarchist society. This is a cooperative effort. If your project wants to participate or contribute materials, get in touch!

A - I n f o s

A multi-lingual news service by, for, and about anarchists


Black Cross

Black Cross is a collective of health care workers, formed after the WTO protests because we saw a need for medical care that is specific to the radical community. We think our needs as radicals are different, and that groups like the Red Cross don’t give us the skills we need to keep ourselves and each other safe in the streets.

We believe that health care is political. The kind of care we do or don’t receive, where and how we receive that care, who provides that care, who has access to training to provide care, and what kinds of trainings are smiled or frowned upon, all involve inherently political issues. We believe the system needs to be changed… the health care system right along with all the others.

Remember the most important words you can ever learn to say are “I don’t know.”

Fight the power, do no harm.


Links - environmental, indigenous, social campaigns
the poison - leave it

We are the Aboriginal women Yankunytjatjara, Antikarinya and Kokatha. We know the country. The poison the Government is talking about will poison the land. We say “NO radioactive dump in our ngura - in our country.” Its strictly poison we don’t want it.


GECO - Gippsland Environmental Centre

GECO is an independent grassroots environment organisation based in East Gippsland. We are dedicated to protecting the remaining old growth forests of the region

A place in cyberspace for indigenous peoples of Australia Controlled and operated by indigenous people. Features Gary Foley's Koori History Website

"We will fight to protect our Country. That is a fact of life."
-Yvonne Margarula, Mirrar Senior Traditional Owner

In 1977 the Aboriginal opposition to the Ranger Uranium proposal was overridden with the words "their opposition shall not be allowed to prevail". Our people were told that the rest of Australia wanted uranium mining within Kakadu National Park. Two decades later and the voices of the Mirrar are again drowned by corporate and government ineptitude and marginalising processes. We welcome your help to spread this story before it becomes history.


Friends of the Earth - Melbourne, Australia

FoE Australia (FoEA) is a federation of local and regional Friends of the Earth groups. It was formed in 1973, and has campaigned on a wide range of issues ever since.

Its aims are the conservation, restoration and rational use of the ecosphere; and to stimulate social change towards an ecologically stable and self-managed society.



Such a charming organisation Testra is; and now that its privatised, EVERY AUSTRALIAN can own a part of Telstra!



Vic WTO Watch

Vic WTO Watch is an informal network of campaigners who are advocates for fair trade and who oppose radical trade liberalisation.


Fairwair - Stopping exploitation of home based outworkers

In Australia and other countries around the world women and their families work at sewing machines to produce the clothes that are sold in our shops and markets.

Some people may work in modern factories for award pay. But more often they work in a small cramped sweatshop or in a room or garage at home for low wages.

In Australia, it is estimated that there are over 300,000 home based outworkers in the textile, clothing and footwear industries. That's 15 homeworkers for every factory worker.

"I work 14 hours a day, every day of the week. Last week I earned $1.70 an hour that was with my husband and two children giving me a lot of help" - Jenny, a homeworker in Australia


Friends of Merri Creek

Merri Creek runs from the north of Melbourne to join the Yarra River at Dight's fall, Collingwood. Friends of the Merri Creek is a community group which works to preserve and restore the Merri Creek and its environs and tributaries.



Earthworker is a caucus of trade union and environmental organisations' members coming together under the auspices of Victorian Trades Hall Council in the recognition that workers' rights and concern for the environment are a common issue.


Links - if you can't stop thinking about music, culture and politics

International Lobster Party

Features the Global Grassroots Resistance Directory



"An introduction to the aims and principles of revolutionary industrial unionism, and to non-hierarchal non-bureaucratic, anti-political methods of class warfare for workers self management of production and a global conferedation of free producers."


International Workers of the World - Australia

The Industrial Workers of the World is a grassroots, member-run union. Rather than being run by those who make a career out of maintaining bureaucracies, the IWW is composed of and run by plain old ordinary working people outside of working hours. It also welcomes working-class students and the unemployed into its ranks.

The objectives of the IWW are threefold:
(1) to overcome the divisions which weaken the strength of organised workers by creating a confederation of labour, a single classwide union,
(2) to fight in the workplace and around the point of production where the strength of organised labour is strongest, and
(3) to reesablish the proper reason-for-being of unionism in the eventual demise of the wage-system, a system which represents the crushing of individual freedom and dignity by means of bossdom and economic tyrrany and which forms the basis for the exploitation of one human being by another.



Local news, views, events



"If organized religion is the opium of the masses, then disorganized religion is the marijuana of the lunatic fringe." -Malaclypse The Younger

"CrimethInc. began in the mid-1990's. I can't report on the original goals of all the participants, but I can trace my own initial intentions to a discussion among some friends about the revolutionary organization Winston joins in Orwell's 1984.

"The idea came up that it was actually a branch of the government... and from there, we began to consider what the opposite kind of organization would be (one that purported to be a part of the culture industry that rules today, while secretly undermining it), and how to form one."

"This is a certified religion of scorn and vengeance directed at all of THEM, the enemies of us Outsiders. It is "self-help" thorugh scoffing and blaspheming, frenzied fornication and the Tumping of Graven Images. The Church provides answers and miracles in the service of SUREAVOLUTION.



Unofficial Guide to Critical Mass

Melbourne Critical Mass rides on the last Friday of every month, we meet at the State Library in Swanston Walk at 5:30pm We ride for many reasons, enviornmental, social, for fitness and health, for increased road safety, we have no definite aims, it helps keep Critical Mass as an open and diverse social space for all who enjoy the experience of riding in a Critical Mass.

Hosts XBorder - about refugees, deportation, human rights, detention centres - from an australian perspective - as well as other stuff (eg DATA).

Endorsed by BURPOLA.COM




The Blind Authority Manipulation Corporation

A corporation that belongs to everyone


ruckus society

The Ruckus Society provides training in the skills of non-violent civil disobedience to help environmental and human rights organizations achieve their goals.


Earth Liberation Front . com

The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is an international underground movement consisting of autonomous groups of people who carry out direct action according to the E.L.F. guidelines:

  • To inflict economic damage on those profitting from the destruction and exploitation of the natural environment.
  • To reveal and educate the public on the atrocities committed against the earth and all species that populate it.
  • To take all necessary precautions against harming any animal, human and non-human.

Links - web related


"Nothing is of greater importance to the future of the global resource that is the Internet than the way in which ICANN performs its role as manager of the Domain Name System.

Our mission is to serve as a central point of reference about what ICANN is and is not doing, to make this site a kind of hill overlooking the often chaotic information landscape from which anyone seeking a better understanding of these developments can survey the ever-changing terrain."



"GIBSON-NET provides Internet access and services. We are a DIY ISP. We are powered by LINUX and free software only. We support freedom of speech in all forms and aim to provide unrestricted Internet access to everyone."

The @net is a small network of anarchist bulletin board systems and online internet sites



"Monkeyfist sells an admixture of leftist political perspective and Web-geek interest. The intersection of our interests and perspectives is often an independent left view of the politics of technology. If Monkeyfist is unique it isn't because we're a group of leftie Web geeks. After all a group of leftie Web geeks is responsible for the daily care and feeding of IndyMedia, the most important cluster of left-leaning sites on the Web. What's different about Monkeyfist is the difference between leftie geeks building web sites and leftie geeks writing (about) them."


Also Cool

The Surveillance Camera Players

Only someone completely distrustful of all government would be opposed to what we are doing with surveillance cameras. -- NYC Police Commissioner Howard Safir, 27 July 1999.

The Surveillance Camera Players: completely distrustful of all government.


The Definitive Howto - STORMTROOPER ARMOR

Be the envy of the Tactical Response Group in your space age body armour. NB: Unlikely to stop Jedi lightsabres.


Dessert Storm

* international month of pie-rect action *

* april 1 to may 1 2001 *


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