Online civil disobedience is a reality and has been used effectively for such things as the people power / brute force methods of the electrohippies’ virtual sit-ins on company websites (the controversial method of restricting access to a website by clogging up its bandwidth) to web defacements and site hijackings (such as the defacement of mexican govt webpages with pro- zapatista slogans, and the redirection of nike.com traffic to s11.org) and the more sophisticated methods of ‘elite’ hackers (such as ‘broncbuster’ -- who for a while managed to undermine the filter software which the chinese government uses to censor certain webpages from its citizens.)

You can meet some hackers by going to the informal 2600 meetings on first friday of the month in your capital city. See the 2600 link below for details. Don’t go expecting to talk someone into performing some illegal task you think is for the public good though. If you want something hacked you will pretty much have to learn how to do it yourself. There are lots of toys out there which automate certain processes, but a good deal of obsessive compulsiveness and technical affinity on your behalf would probably help. Remember there are plenty of forms of online activism that don’t involve much technical prowess or disregard for the law, such as simply using newsgroups and discussion lists to inform shareholders of a company’s misdeeds or creating or contributing to webpages and online journals. Any hacking you do could have large personal consequences as hacking is being increasing treated as a form of terrorism by law enforcement bodies worldwide. (From DATA: Dorks Advocating Total Anarchy)


electrohippies http://www.gn.apc.org/pmhp/ehippies online protest group. great links section to other online activists / hactivists.

church of the swimming elephant http://www.cotse.com/ hacking / security resources, anonymous web browsing.

2600 australia http://www.2600.org.au local branch of international group. meeting times, security exploits, reverse phone directory.

wiretapped http://www.wiretapped.net open source software, cryptography, privacy, more.

attrition mirror http://www.attrition.org/mirror/attrition archived copies of hacked websites.

also check out http://www.netstrike.it (there are english translations)