Indigenous Solidarity


A word for those non Indigenous activists reading this guide
If we really believe in social justice, then the fight for justice for Australia’s Indigenous peoples should be part of all our activism. It is important that we move beyond recognising prior ownership and on going dispossession (important as it is) to really challenging our own racism(s) and ways of organising. We can begin by listening to Indigenous people, whilst realising that they are not a homogenous group without their own challenges. But also, we need to ask questions - What does solidarity mean to them?, How would they like us to get involved in their campaigns ? Perhaps the most important thing is to question ourselves on whether, in our organising, we are just continuing with the same racist assumptions that have underpinned the colonisation process, and act to change this racism in ourselves and in our organisations.

Get educated

There are some great websites devoted to indigenous issues that provide suggested off-line reading as well.

A place in cyberspace for the indigenous peoples of Australia, controlled and operated by indigenous people.

Gary Foley’s Koori History Webpage
Extensive history, essays and links on Koori history/justice issues put together by Gary Foley ­ an excellent educational resource

Students for Land Justice and Reconciliation
Melbourne University students group in support of Land Rights, Justice and Reconciliation.

People against Racism in Aboriginal Homelands

Contains a vast collection of Indigenous links.

D.O.N.T. is a grass-roots movement comprising of Churches, Community Groups, Organisations, Unions and concerned individuals taking a stand with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples against the Howard Government's "Ten-Point Plan".
1.Phone Peter Lewis or Kate Thompson on (03) 9251 5271
2.FAX Peter or Kate on (03) 9650 4490


Contacting Indigenous Groups

The Mirimbiak Nations Aboriginal Corporation
Mirimbiak Nations is a Statewide organisation devoted to researching and co-ordinating land claims in Victoria.
Ph - 9326 3900

Australian Conservation Foundation
The ACF’s indigenous officer is Charlmaine Clarke
Ph: (03) 9416 1166 E-mail:


Campaigns going on now

Irati Wanti - The poison-leave
Kupa Piti Kungka Tjuta campaign to stop Federal Government plans for a radioactive waste dump on their land. Check out
Contact email - ,
ph- 0409 694 864 / [08] 8672 3413

Keepers of Lake Eyre
A coalition of environmentalists and Arabunna of the Lake Eyre Region, taking on Western Mining Corporation. More information about the Arabunna within this site.
Contact - Tel. (08) 8340 4401
email -

Jaara People
The indigenous owners of the land west of Bendigo in central Victoria are setting up a cultural centre to do tours of the sacred sites of the area and generally provide education. They would love any kind of help that people can give to get a shop front up and to restore important areas.
Contact: Sue 544 15367 or George 0402 459 039

Yorta Yorta Native Title Claim
The Yorta Yorta continue their fight for native title after their appeal was thrown out by the Federal Court. The original decision by Justice Olney said that the "tide of history" had washed away the Yorta Yorta’s native title rights!!#@.

Friends of Kapululangu Australian Aboriginal Women's Centre.
Keeping Traditional Culture strong. The Elders invite your partnership.

Campaign by the Adnyamathanhna / Flinders Ranges Environment Action Collective people to stop the Beverley Uranium Mine in the Spencer region of the Flinders Ranges in SA
Tel. (08) 8675 2242 or 0428 660 636

Mirrar Online
Stop Jabiluka!! The Mirrar's people's site against the Jabiluka uranium mine.

Ningala Ningala ­ Terrassa EU
ACAM ­ Anarchist Cultural Association is a group in Melbourne undertaking the creation, with the cooperation of Indigenous people of affinity in Australia, of an Indigenous Australian Embassy to the European people. The Embassy, called Ningala Ningala ­ Terrassa EU, is being hosted in Terrassa, Spain.

Aboriginal Genocide
A small organisation committed to Aboriginal genocide litigation, we have current and pending cases in the Australian court system. Information regarding these cases is available here

Aboriginal Tent Embassy
Home of the continuing Embassy picket located on the lawns of the old Federal Parliament. A must visit when in Canberra.