Pie-ing requires not so much intensive preparation and planning as a delicate combination of flagrant daring and mirthful intent. Often, the pie-rect action can be carried out by only one person. A good support crew may still be needed though, to provide technical instruction and bravado. The pie-ing procedure comes down to the individual situation. However, a few tips may be helpful:

-make sure the pie filling is abundant and sticky, to provide maximum face coverage.

-do not reveal th pie until the last possible moment before intended impact

-public pie-ings of famous people will almost certainly lead to arrest. Pie-ings of private revenge on non-famous people will almost certainly not result in arrest. (For example, if a certain journalist was targeted while walking from his car to his office one morning and the pie thrower/throwers wore clown masks and ran away fairly briskly straight afterwards, they probably would n’t be caught and they probably would be considered heroes by the majority of the Melbourne activist community).

-just because somebody despicable has been pied once, it doesn’t mean you can’t do it again (even within the next few seconds). Afterall, if someone deserves a pie in the face, they probably deserve two. . .or three . . . or more.

‘Nuff said. Now, a word from agent geek sorbet: “Revolution is about doing things out of the ordinary. I think about what it will be like everyday and I expect to be shocked and surprised by any revolution. Pie throwing embraces so many beautiful aspects of humanity it’s strange it doesn’t happen everyday.

First of all there’s the great video footage. The look on the victim’s face is unique, unreproducible in a script or on a set. Do they taste The Pie? Does the sweet flavour complicate their outrage? Most news presenters, and a nation lapping it up, are surprised and shocked. It is proclaimed as violent, although in a time when it was ‘entertainment’, at the turn of the 20th century, similar acts of ‘propaganda by deed’ were more like ly to be bombs. Violent indeed.

Second, it is merely the act of a clown. That lovable self abusive humour merchant. It’s funny to watch. Despite your ‘outrage’, deep down you see the humour, yeah? A little Pie never hurt anybody. It follows in the tradition of the larrikin.

Third, it’s pleasant to be again reminded we are merely monkeys. We are all human, even the richest and most powerful. You could be forgiven for believing that these people are somehow untouchable, special, above or separate from us.”


Operation Dessert Storm

Dear purveyors of sweet humility everywhere,

OK you've all heard the puns before so lets just cut to the base. The time is baked for the pie throwing resurgence to rise together, let's globalise the pie....Tofu cream must be as global as capital. Following on the fine tradition of the Biotic Baking Brigade and the many individuals who have inspired us all with pies in the faces of Bill Gates, Milton Freidman, Steve Bracks et al we call on you to partake in Operation Dessert Storm. What better way to draw attention to the often faceless leaders of the corporate world, shameful 'journalists', dodgy politicians and anyone who deserves a face full of dissent. The 'global movement' is often mis-represented in the mainstream media. You can't mis-represent a face full of cream. It sends a clear message to the recipient and the media that what these people are doing is ridiculous and that you are prepared to let them know - and have some fun while doing it! The pie is the great equaliser. How many times have you wanted to see whipped cream smeared on John Howard's glasses or see Tony Blair choking on a strawberry? Now is your chance - mobilise en masse and pie!

Operation Dessert Storm is a global month of action between April Fools Day and May Day 2001. Of course you can be fashionably late or early.....Ensure that your actions are captured on film and send your footage for the doco....upload your photos, favourite recipes and pie-ing tips to the site Contact site admin at: pieface@dessert storm.org

Good Cooking!