With the continuing low level of corporate sponsorship for revolutionary organisations it seems that the fundraiser will be here for a good while yet. The downside is that they can involve loads of work, stress and loss of sleep. The upside is - well obvously the cash - but they are also a chance to have fun, meet new people, and to play with new cultural forms outside of the narrow confines of consumer society. Ideas?? Well music and dancing work pretty well, but there are also film nights, auctions, lunches, raffles, screenings of large events, massages at festivals (seriously it works great) etc etc. The most important thing is to leave plenty of time and also energy for advertising, as the number of people who come is obviously the most important thing.


Places to advertise your event

ACTIVE Melbourne website calender -
stuff from here also goes on the melbourne activist calender hard copy which is distributed monthly

SUWA show on 3CR
Contact - c/o or

Access News screens weekly on Channel 31 8pm Mondays and will advertise stuff at the end
Contact - 9663 6976

The Student Papers see independent media for list + contacts

email lists are also great - if you are subscribed to any post stuff and ask people to forward stuff on to other lists. It is amazing how quickly stuff will get around