Grass Roots Gathering Report


The following is a brief report from the Grass Roots Gathering, held on the 23rd March 2003.

The second Grass Roots Gathering, following on from the previous Two Minutes of Infamy series, was held on the 23rd March at Irene Community Warehouse. There were about 40 people there, which though less than expected, was pretty good considering it was the first weekend of the war. Lots of groups and people came along to share info and ideas, with the aim of building grassroots non-authoritarian resistance to capitalism. There was also a good discussion on responses to the war.

The list below is a brief summary of some of the many projects going on around Melbourne

Barricade Books — Anarchist Bookshop
Now based at Irene Warehouse>meeting Weds at 6.30pm, new collective members welcome — come to a meeting

Melbourne Indymedia
The collective are in the middle of a major overhaul of the site — new geek and non geek crew welcome. Meets 7.30pm Mondays at Irene

Tin Rant
Collective household who have an open gig/benefit space + also have sound and video editing facilities, and will provide assistance to people with linux (non-corporate) software — contact thru Irene Warehouse

Mineral Policy Institute
Ben from Mineral Policy Institute spoke about the proposed Douglas Mine and plans for mineral sand mining in the Murray Darling Basin and community education program that is going on

Taring Padi Women’s Resource Centre
Social Centre being set up in Indonesia for Women — they are looking for resources like books/computers/zines/films/donations, which will be taken over to the centre by a local person
contact or

Irene Warehouse
Brunswick warehouse space hosting community based activism/arts/studios/video production and community building projects. Open for new spaces and for people to help manage the space

Black Rose Collective
Bike building and remaking; trailer building — located downstairs at Irene Community Warehouse

Health and Freedom Network
HnF network is a broad network of health care workers who have an interest in health care from a radical perspective

Communication courier service on bikes for rallies and actions

No One is Illegal
No One Is Illegal is a Melbourne-based collective acting to question borders in all their forms - meets fortnightly on Mondays at Irene

HMS Melbourne
First aid training + first aid at actions — on the look out for more people with basic first aid training — contact via

The Paper
Locally produced free newspaper - aims to be a forum for news and critical thought, where content and presentation of ideas remain unaffected by corporate and governmental influence or control. CONTRIBUTE

DNA research

Person researching use and misuse of DNA tests — needs help with writing

DISC — Diversity in Safe Communities
Brunswick based group in opposition to ‘the Blackshirts’ — Men’s group campaigning against single mothers and same sex relationship parents through the courts and through intimidation at their homes. Spoke of upcoming rally; also have a phone tree to counter blackshirt intimidation of people.

Food not Bombs
Cooking Mon and Tues nights at Irene

Black Cross Prisoner Support
Class struggle prisoner support group
PO Box 300
Brunswick East

SUWA show on 3CR
Happy to help promote grassroots events on their show

Brisbane Anarchist and Autonomist Conference
Up — coming conference in Brisbane, following on from last years conference in Sydney
May 3-4, 2003


The next Grass Roots Gathering is planned for the depths of the Melbourne winter. Kudos to all those who came along and made it a success.

Please email us if any of this info needs to be updated or corrected






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