Make it a safe revolution

What’s the purpose of this er thing. The politics, health and resisting the state.

Well, most of you reading this will be either taking part in direct action, have friends who are or are just planning on watching. Either way, a blockade of this nature raises health concerns, (gee wiz since the ozone layer even being in the sun is a health concern). But when we get a couple of thousand people, a couple of hundred cops, police horses, crowd control agents, spies, heat, rage and a bit (or quite a bit) of drugs….we’ve got a lot of potentials for hurt/accidents and scrapes

Some key points to remember:

You are much more valuable to the revolution/insurrection
/movement/partner and friends when you are alive and healthy.
Don't take un-necessary risks. Think more about the kinds of injuries that you could sustain and how they might affect you later. Having your spinal cord broken by a police horse is not going to bring the WEF crashing down. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, THE WORLD WILL NEED YOU AGAIN.
They have most of the cards. Remember that the police are highly trained both physically and mentally to hurt and maim and kill. It's a very important thing to remember that the police have the law, the equipment, the health services and the resources on their side, all we have is a well developed sense of justice. Don't be disparaged and feel powerless, but know exactly what kinds of resources the opposition has behind it. We have the best card: numbers. Don't forget to play it, DON'T EVER GET CAUGHT BY YOURSELF, MOVE IN PACKS, if you're an individual hang around any group, or introduce yourself, meet new people. If you're alone then they can do what they like without witnesses, Even when dispersed , run in groups, CLUMP!!! One of the major motives behind dispersal is to create a panicked run where the police can pick off the stragglers. If you want to know what police are capable of when they think they wont be exposed, ask LA motorist Rodney King. Let's all take care of each other and support each other when we're in trouble, keep an eye out, celebrate the real globilization, The Free Gobal Community.


The various health risks:

These depend on the situation that we find ourself in, police and military have a term for the sliding scale of responses and equipment and tactics that they employ at various levels in a protest, this is called a FORCE CONTINUUM (basically that the more "serious" a situation gets, the acceptible it is for "control agencies" to use harder methods). Look up some documents about it on the web, know where you, personally are prepared to go to. Then get yourself prepared for that! So lets go for a little journey down "force projection lane"


Health Risks: (very much like what happens at the big day out or a big festival)

  • Dehydration
  • Sunburn/Sunstroke
  • Too much drugs/bad drugs
  • Cold/winter chill
  • Violence in the crowd (usually alcohol induced)

What you need:

  • Good food/ Slow Burning carbohydrates to keep going all day.
  • Hat/sunglasses/sunblock (wipe this off if things get heavier)
  • Someone to watch out for you if your on drugs, because if stuff changes quickly, you want someone level whose going to get you out.
  • A nice warm change of clothes' or a blankie (it's cold in melb!)

Just like a rock concert, make room for the person who's fallen down below and give them a hand up

Health risks:

People falling in the crowd/crushing----Sneaky hits (most often to a protestor's)----Being arrested-----Horsies-----Capsicum gas (maybe paby)

What you can do:

Pick up anyone dropped- this is perhaps the best first aid thing that you can do

PREVENTION!!! Wear protective clothing and sturdy shoes to protect against sneaky shots

Arrested- if any medical conditions have the stuff/medications or doctors letter there!!

Be prepared



Un-Romantic Interlude: Places and ways the cops like to hurt you 

TOES: A quick stomp to the toes with a broken foot and the protester is out of action and a liability to others. Difficult to prove intentionally
SHINS: The superficial bones makes this very painful, the muscles that raise your foot when running are also on the side of the shins, a blow here can dramatically reduce mobility. Again very unproveable
WRISTS: These are described as "key points of control", 'cause when the cops have you with your wrists bent back, they're in control. The real danger here is not so much the bones breaking but damaging the fine tendons and ligaments in the wrist and fingers which can impair your hand function for a long time to come!!
Stratey: Once they've really got you here, they've got you! Don't get yourself fucked up for next time. But remember it still requires one (or two)of them to take you to the paddy wagon, and we are many and they are few!!
They're the fun and friendly side to cops- NOT! Mounted police have been traditionally used to manage large massed gatherings since the 1800's because they offer the cops bulk for blocking, intimidation, and give the cops the "higher ground" (ie more height) for them to hit people's noggings with their batons.
How do I protect myself:
Head protection (or forearm protection/pads, to raise above the head)
Stay as a loose group, not a tight packed mass, move and flow around the horse formations. Evade Luk, use the force!
Help those who are down!!!: Those that get knocked down are in danger, the quicker the group can get them up, the less chnace of the injury, grab someone and support them before they hit the ground and win a prize
If I go down: Curl up into a fetal ball on your side! (knees to chest and chin tucked in , like a baby) and cover your ears with your fists, turn your eyes and nose to the ground, keep your eyes open, shout for your friends. Your ribs, pelvis and spine are stronger on the sideways. Wriggle forward slowly with small wriggles of the hips and shoulders MAINTAIN THE THINNEST POSSIBLE SIDE PROFILE (LESS CHANCE OF THE HORSE STEPPING ON YOU) DO NOT HIT THE HORSE / They are well trained but they're still animals and will lash out.
CAPSICUM GAS: A COPS WET DREAM -my fucking chilli sauce!!!!
What it does- as a powerful alkali it creates a sensation of burning, about a thousand times more powerful than a chilli. It will hurt, but you can survive it, have burritos and COME BACK FOR MORE!!!
Keep calm, move backwards not side ways, get into clear space where the wind can get the residuals off your clothing, then any water or saline that you then use will be more effective. Sit on the ground and sluice water slowly from the nose gently through the eye (following the path that tears take) blink rapidly. Do on eye at a time, cause if you run out of water you're still more functional with one eye!!!! Rescue remedy, saline, holy water it doesn't matter particularly what's in the water, just as long as they're lots of it!!!
Find out where the nearest water supplies will be, get yourself some pop-top bottles and lots of them! You will survive - they will end up choking!
Contacts (specifically First Aid):
The S11medic group: we are community health focused, spunky and there for You! Come chat to us on the day(look for the green crosses) or send us a message
Radical Health Workers of the World: we are calling for a radical change in the structure of health care and health defining. Shake it by da roots!!


Shopping List (inna lunchbox ) For only $15 (and if you order now....!)

4 x Gloves ($2.00)

Like safe sex, gloves protect both parties. It’s responsible, have them and put them on!

2x Triangle bandage (make-free{lighter colored material is better to see how much bleeding comes through the fabric} to buy $1.50each

Bandana size material, that can be used to place on wounds, make slings, or dipped in water for rough face masks, to use as 2 cords to splint a limb with solid stuff, a triangle bandage has a thousand uses…

2x Pressure bandages ($2.50) (get the wide and long ones!!!)

Good for wrapping up sprained ankles and wrists. Good also for binding wounds that are bleeding.

6x Menstral pads ($2-3.00)

Great and cheap for soaking up blood, absolutely essential!!(pity that they’re GST’ed)

1x Eyepad (60c)

Sight is an precious thing: these are useful when someone has a foreign body in the eye and it’s too big or too painful to flush out! Place over the eye with tape and instruct the injuried person not to move their eye (the covered eye moves in sympathy). If you don’t need to use it as an eye pad it makes a perfectly good wound dressing!

5-10 x Butterfly stitches ($1.20)

Great as small wounds dressings, help to close difficult or very bloody wounds such as scalp wounds.

Plastic bags (free, shit they give em out with groceries these days!!!)

For all of your medical/bloody waste. Think public health!! It’s no good dressing someones wound and then leaving your bloody scraps hanging around to cross infect others!!


This is for cleaning wounds of dirt and grit before covering them. Saline is most very useful when used for gravel burns or grazes.

Frozen Popper(foil juice container) in teatowel ($1.20)

For placeing on bruises/strains and sprains,or any other soft tissue injury to cool someone overheating

Betadine/Antiseptic/teatree oil($1.50)

Take your pick which you prefer, to be used on open wounds with dirt or grit in it (eg after washing down a wound with saline paint it with antiseptic and then cover it!

Adhesive tape/medical tape: ($1.25)(has to be able to stick to sweaty skin)

To hold any wound dressing in place and free up your hands to support and elevate the limb and lead that person to safety oh yeah!

Things to top up on:If you’re feeling flush and very community minded. In order of priority!!

MORE GLOVES!!!!! These come so in handy it’s not funny!!


More pressure bandages/More saline/Special tape called "micropore" (sticks great to skin!)/scissors/penknife/pen and notepad/ "melolite" dressings expensive but good!

First Aid Sheet: ‘Cause we Dare to Care.

Please photocopy and pass around, remember about Community Health!!! The more people who know First Aid the healthier we all will be!


Be Prepared/Right here right now

*Check that your water bottle is filled and you have some nutritous food

*Find out where the functioning water taps and toilets are

* Look for First Aid tents or roving green cross (the mobile S11 medics will have maps to the first aid locations- get one! collectors item)

Big stuff: (eg, fractures, unconscious, big bleeding)

1)Keep calm

2)Get ambulance/send for medical help, stay with the injured

3)Don't move the unconscious person (You could do more harm than good)

Human blockade around unconscious person/injured person (protect them from being trampled and you have more room to work)

UNCONSCIOUS- Roll into recovery position (on their side, with their head supported and pointing down)

Suspected FRACTURE -Then splint and immobilize the affected area/joint.(with rolled up newspapers, sticks).

BLEEDING- Wear gloves (safe sex n safe First Aid-use rubber),Apply pressure, Elevate area/limb

Teeth knocked out Replace in socket if possible - get to dentist fast. If you can't replace tooth DO NOT WASH - wrap tooth in plastic or store in milk.

Capsicum Gas:

DONT PANIC- Fear is the weapon of the State!!!

Walk Backwards out of range of further spray, when clear turn into the wind with your arms outstretched face to the wind, if you have water wash out eyes one at a time, blinking and crying to flush the chemicals DONT RUB YOUR EYES!!!!


Look for paleness of the face, dark colored and infrequent urine, dry mouth, dizziness. Give water, sit down in a cool spot and breathe.

Exposure Don't underestimate the effects of the weather - be prepared !!! Wear hats long sleeved clothes/a scarf - also good protection from capsicum spray….(Capsicum spray sticks to sunscreen, moisturizer, make up)Big sunglasses are a must


Look for stupor, dilated pupils. Take to safe place, lay down with feet up and keep warm, don’t give food or water, if thirsty moisten lips. Always stay with shocked or injured people.

Shock (Psychological)

Speak to the person in a calm even manner, give them some small task to do ("help me fill the water bottles") talk about yourself or the weather, if the person is consenting human contact can be very grounding (doesn’t have to be a full body hug! Even just shaking hands can be it!









· NO: earrings, piercings, necklaces, ties etc.
· Dress for the weather: Average temperature, highs of 25+, lows of 10-, Sudden squally rain possible. Best to cover as much skin as possible
· Expendable water repellent or synthetics the won't absorb chemicals ( unlike water absorbing cotton) washed with neutral soap
· Clinch/seal at wrists ankles and neck
· Windcheater, light rain gear (also good for changing colour if you need to disappear.
· Non absorbent hair cover: plastic bag, swim or shower cap
· Helmet, cricket box, sports bra
· Comfortable runners, boots.
· Replacement pants/shirt sealed in bag, to replace chemically contaminated clothing

· WATER: LOTS to drink and rinse off chemicals. Spray mister head or squirt head on bottle to help conserve water & minimize contamination.
· RESCUE REMEDY from Health Food store - 4 drops per litre of water.
· BANDANNAS SOAKED IN VINEGAR * A gas mask semi-substitute. Keep them in a heavy duty ziplock bag
· ENERGY SNACKS in an easy swallowing liquid or semi-liquid form to keep you going.
· SAFETY EYEGLASSES, (NOT SWIMMER'S GOGGLES, CAUSE IF YOU HAVE A BLOW TO THE FACE THE CAN DAMAGE YOUR EYE) Anything that seals as much of the eye as possible and also sits on the bones of the face (the forehead and the cheek)
· GLOVES (This cannot be emphasized enough!!!!!!!)disposable latex, vinyl, dishwashing. Extra bags.
· CLOTH, 4x4 GAUZE, etc. to clean off chemicals.
· Castor Oil, , Regular Dishwashing Detergent, Alcohol Swabs, Rubbing Alcohol (i.e. Isopropyl 70% Alcohol) for Capsicum spray decontamination. However, these are dangerous if used incorrectly. See "Prevention & First Aid for Protesters " (article available soon).
· DAY PACK/SATCHEL either that or you got some mighty big pockets
Trapped chemicals may cause eye damage.
Vaseline, detergent soap, skin moisturizers, make up, sunblock, UV cream, because the chemicals bind with them - anything acidic will cause stronger reaction. Do not wear Vaseline, or castor oil for protection!!!

OPTIONAL Supplies / Clothing info

· GAS MASK Preferably with shatter resistant lens & replaceable non-asbestos filters. M17A1 clones are good. Beware of police stealing them.
· CHEMICAL/GAS RESPIRATOR w/ filters for hazardous gases or paint stripper. Hardware or safety supply stores $40 -70 They cover mouth and nose only. Use swim goggles as well.
· Disposable camera
· Paper, pens, for notes, documentation
· Money for food, transportation & telephone
· Emergancy Phone numbers: Legal Aid, friends and relatives
· Mobile phone, 2 way radio, Walkthing set to S11 FM (tba)
· Sleeping mat
· Sleeping bag
· Tarp, sheet of plastic, Igloo tent
· Bike, rollerblades, skate board
· Flexible knee pads for kneeling on pavement for protracted periods of time.