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Since the advent of the napster program, file sharing software has been expanded and improved to allow not only the sharing of music files, but now ANY kind of file on a home computer.

Youíll need a bit of imagination, lots of patience and a computer at home, or somewhere that it can be connected to the net for long periods to utilise file sharing software. This is a quick how to get started guide which should be enough for most people to see the possibilities , but I can imagine the situation in which an activist might want to get hold of some software for desk top publishing etc etc


The file sharing software that Iíve used is the hotline software, but there are many others, such as grokster, imesh....


Youíll want to download the hotline client program. It also comes with a how too guide. There is also a hotline server program for those who want to turn their home computer into a server which others can down load files from or up too.

Once youíve got the software up and running, youíll then need to use a tracker site to find the files you are looking for on the many servers which exist throughout the world. Use MS Explorer or Netscape Navigator for this.

I suggest www.tracker-tracker.com

Simply do a search for the files/programs you want and you will be given a list of servers. You need to then copy then serverís address number eg

Go back in to Hotline, select connect from the Hotline menu and paste in the address for the server. Hopefully you will be connected to the server and be given a contract to agree to.

Then you can search the files/chat/download etc etc. Most servers require you to register as a member , which can be an inconvenience, but is usually quick to do.

Down loading large files can take several hours, but itís well worth it and getting on to some servers can take a few tries as they may be offline at certain times.

Have fun!!