O P E R A T I O N   D E S S E R T   S T O R M
* international months of pieing *
* may 1 to april 1 *

call to action

Dear purveyors of sweet humility everywhere,

OK you've all heard the puns before so lets just cut to the base. The time is baked for the pie throwing resurgence to rise together, let's globalise the pie....

A global month of action: April Fools Day - May Day 2001.

Tofu cream must be as global as capital.

Following on the fine tradition of the Biotic Baking Brigade and the many individuals who have inspired us all with pies in the faces of Bill Gates, Milton Freidman, Steve Bracks et al we call on you to partake in Operation Dessert Storm.

What better way to draw attention to the often faceless leaders of the corporate world, shameful 'journalists', dodgy politicians and anyone who deserves a face full of dissent.

The 'global movement' is often mis-represented in the mainstream media. You can't mis-represent a face full of cream. It sends a clear message to the recipient and the media that what these people are doing is ridiculous and that you are prepared to let them know - and have some fun while doing it!

The pie is the great equaliser. How many times have you wanted to see whipped cream smeared on John Howard's glasses or see Tony Blair choking on a strawberry? Now is your chance - mobilise en masse and pie!

Operation Dessert Storm is a global month of action between April Fools Day and May Day 2000. Of course you can be fashionably late or early.....

Ensure that your actions are captured on film and

- send your footage for the doco....

- upload your photos, favourite recipes and pieing tips to the site; www.dessertstorm.org

Contact site admin - pieface@dessertstorm.org