Echelon is the code name for the international telecommunications surveillance project that is carried out by the UK-USA alliance.

The UK-USA alliance is composed of the United States, England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Echelon is operated by the top intelligence organisations of these countries. The National Security Agency, of the United States, may as well be considered as the head/leader of the project.

The following references below are not exhaustive. An attempt has been made to make the reference diverse however the aim is to provide a starting point from which to begin your own research. Some ways of getting more information is to use Echelon's tactics. Go to news sites like Wired, CNN, BBC or the New York Times, and typing in keywords like 'echelon', 'surveillance' and 'encryption' can provide good results.
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Background Rerefences
Cryptome - Echelon and Related References : go here for key echelon files. a central archive for crypto/surveillance issues. Some of the links below are direct references to this archive.
Somebody's listening : Aug 1988 - the earliest public Echelon report by Duncan Campbell which appeared in New Statesman
An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control : Jan 1998 : The report by the Scientific and Technological Options Assessment group of the European Parliament.
Interception Capabilities 2000 : Apr 1999 : Report by Duncan Campbell commissioned by the European Parliament

Newspaper / Media References and Articles

Late Aug, 1999: Successfully Echelonised : Everything is Under Control (Cyberbully, Mesh)
Aug 16, 1999 : Author of Computer Surveillance Plan Tries to Ease Fears (New York Times)
Jul 28, 1999 : U.S. Drafting Plan for Computer Monitoring System (New York Times)
May 23 1999 : Big Brother is listing ( Sunday Cover)
May 23 1999 : Careful, they might hear you (The
  May 15 1999 : Uncle Sam's spies (New Scientist)
Other 'Connected' Info and Resources
Truman Memorandum - The original document to form the National Security Agency
CALEA - FBI sponsored Communications
ASIO (.au) Amendments Bill - First time presentation of Amendments Bill - May 1999 (pdf)
ASIO (.au) Amendments Bill - An advisory report - May 1999 (pdf)
ASIO (.au) Parliamentary Joint Committee - on the Australian Security Intelligence Organization
Net Regulation (.au) - Broadcasting Services Amendment (Online Services) Bill 1999
Net Regulation Campaign - by the EFA
Encryption/Crypto - reference site by the EFA
Electronic Frontiers Ausrtalia - non-profit .au organisation to protect and promote the civil liberties of users and operators of computer based communications systems.
EPIC - Electronic Privacy Information Centre
Defence Signals Directorate - Australian Echelon Brother
National Security Agency - the head Echelon Brother