Welcome to the Institute for the Protection of Corporate Front Groups Australia homepage.

This non-profit organisation seeks to highlight the hard work and behind the scenes meddling of some of Australia's most debased businessmen, PR companies and corporations in their anything-goes pursuit of dirty money through deception.

Membership to the Institute is open to any corporate-funded group who either:

A. act for the purpose of influencing public debate through misleading and financially biased reportage whilst attempting to appear independant
B. create the false impression of grassroots public support for
the activities of a particular industry or corporation where none or little exists

Membership is free, and is available via nomination to our special selection committee. All new members receive the following letter.

Members receive the opportunity for greater public scrutiny of their actions, and increased publicity of their particular goals and causes, whatever they may truly be.

If you would like to nominate a group you know click here. If you would like to add information about a member email ipcfg@crosswinds.net. Please include your sources.


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