31 August 2002: Young skater assaulted by transit police, one jumps out of tram window

how to weed out a transport cop:

1. they usually hunt in packs of three.
2. two will be sitting or standing to the rear of the tram.
3. look for mobile phone, pen and paper in pocket.
4. transport cops will not validate a ticket when they get onboard (who does?).
5. use your gut feelings and defend yourself.
6. ignore the psychological warfare emitting from the tram's speakers - "plain-clothed officers will be checking tickets on this tram soon" - it is a threat to keep you terrorised.
7. if you do have a valid ticket and spot law enforcement officers, announce their prescence to your fellow travellers. you'll be thanked.

download PUBLIC TRANSPORT CORPORATION documents, know your rights. (acrobat pdf files).


memorise these faces and stay vigilant...

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