31 August 2002: Young skater assaulted by transit police, one jumps out of tram window

i was walking along swanston street up near melbourne central about half an hour ago. as i passed the tram stop a young guy with a skateboard jumped head first out of the open top part of a tram window onto the bitumen road about two metres below, obviously to escape the roving fascists of the transit system.

the tram doors opened and a couple more youths ran out. six or seven uniformed and undercover transit police followed dragging one young man out of the tram. they dragged him accoss the road and proceeded to restrain him in an extremely violent manner. the transit police were so violent in fact that a large crowd of people gathered around the scene.

when one of the young man's friends attempted to stop the transit police he too was violently assaulted.

i live up the street, and ran home to get my digital camera. i came back with it and took the photos you see on this page.

we never saw anything like this when tram conductors were around, that's for sure.

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