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Saturday broadcasts:

>from the camp:

- Interview with Afghani detainee

>from radio 3CR:

4:00-4:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
4:30-5:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
5:00-5:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
5:30-6:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
6:00-6:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
6:30-7:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
7:00-8:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)

Sunday broadcasts:

> from the camp:

- no story to tell yet

>from radio 3CR:

12:00-12:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
12:30-1:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
1:00-1:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
1:30-2:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
2:00-2:30pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)
2:30-3:00pm mp3 audio (~5Mb)

What is Radio Free Baxter?

Australia is not alone in fortifying its borders. All over the world governments erect walls of concrete and razor wire, install high tech security equipment and employ computerised surveillance systems to protect their power and privilege from those seeking a better life.

A new state-of-the-art militarised centre has been built at Baxter in South Australia. Solid fences within the camp are erected not for containment but to increase isolation. From the inside all that can be seen is the sky. Separate compounds divide friends and family.

The invisibility of those inside is made possible by locating the "detention facility" in the desert. Information barriers are strictly policed by the state and the private corporation that profits from incarceration.

We are going to Baxter to work with those detained to challenge the information barriers. The fences will be breached by radio waves - our voices will penetrate the silence that permeates the area of the camp. Each day we will upload some of the voices and moments from the conversations across the fences. The stories will be told. The border will be challenged.

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