Residents Articulating Graffiti Energy
cultural value-adding in the CBD

We are a group of residents that appriciate the colour and life that graffiti and stencil-art bring to the Melbourne CBD. Melbourne stands with distinction amongst the World's cities as a warm and welcoming urban landscape, rich in cultural heritage and cosmopolian life. Without the uniquely Melbourne street art and graffiti, Melbourne would be little more than yet another sterile metropolis without distinction.

"so lets spread on the dead swells of the dumb walls he's masking"


"Our City. Our Streets. Our Pride.
A RAGE initiative. METRO|PRIDE is about making city pride in place. A logo. Looks civil. Comes in whatever size you make it.
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About Laneway Commissions
RAGE has initiated a series of laneway commissioned art pieces. You can too.
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who is Karen Eliot? - artist profile pdf

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