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Street Medic Collectives:

Urgence Manif - http://urgencemanif.meagerman.net/ Find excellent information for protesters in English and en franšais under the link "Information for Protesters"

North East Action Medics Association (NEAMA) - http://zena.secureforum.com/ontheground/action-medical/northeast/

Action Medical Web Site - http://www.action-medical.net/
Here they have an 8 page booklet produced by On the Ground, entitled: "Health and Safety at Militant Actions" http://action-medical.net/static/library/h&s_pamphlet.pdf

Black Cross First Aid Health Collective - http://www.blackcrosscollective.org/index.html


General First Aid sites

General First Aid Site - http://www.healthy.net/clinic/firstaid

General First Aid Site From Australia - http://www.parasolemt.com.au/afa/


Political Links

Take the Capital - http://www.takethecapital.net/